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The emphasis on economics in today's school curriculum is staggeringly low.  Parents must take it upon themselves to teach children the value of money and the power of the dollar. Luckily the internet provides an array of internet sites to help parents teach the value of money and investing.  Listed below are some links cited by The Wall Street Journal Sunday section of the Daily News (Sunday, July 2, 2006):  links to government resources for kids.  Click on "money" for info on taxes, savings and investments for younger children or reality budgeting games for teenagers explaining how much they'll need to pay rent, buy groceries, etc and how many hours they'll need to work at which teen jobs in order to pay for that cool jacket, a spring break trip or a movie ticket.  links to a site with ideas for the young entreprenuer. ,, and are sites provided by leading financial institutions that plays financial reality games with middle school age children teaching them about saving, budgets, earning and spending. allows kids to compet in investment simulation.  It is a paid competition (typically $10 to $20)that teaches children how to research, design and maintain an investment portfolio.

Creating a new business is hard work.  "People make it happen through their imagination, willpower and perseverance," writes IDEO founder Tom Kelly in his latest book about creating change, "The Ten Faces of Innovation" (Doubleday, 2005)  Here are a few sites designed to help you harness that imagination and give you some information and tools to bring your goals to fruition.  We are here to help you utilize these tools and help you succeed.

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